#3 marathon, not a race

I have actually written 3 separate posts, all #3s that have disappeared about one sentence before publish, or when I go to save as a draft. Talk about frustration and anger and wasted time. Ugh. I tried posting through the squarespace app, which glitches obviously. So, if I write, it's going to have to be on my computer and I know that is going to be more planned, not a quick update written in the drive-thru line of in-n-out. So about two weeks I have given up on posting here, so Instagram has taken it's place. But I miss writing here and I'm not giving up yet. So while the posts may not be as often, over time they will compile and create a library of photos and thoughts of my life as a young(er) mom on the journey of homeschooling her kids while also enjoying the new stages of life. The tides always seem to be changing and I want to embrace them, not merely float and evenutally be taken away by them.