It’s funny how stepping away from social media can change so much for me. It brings a renewed vision on what matters to me. It silenced my mind and reminds me of what is truly important. What is not important is the race that inevitably leaves you depleated and running in circles, not much further than where you started.  

With this break, I have read to the kids over an hour a day, some days even two, because the girls didn’t want to put the book down (Laura Ingalls wilder) every day this week. I have created memories that I have hidden deep in my heart. I have said yes, when normally I would say no (to the kids) and I have said no to things I would normally say yes (to other commitments or time suckers). 

We put in extra effort to have a day of fun with the kids, even when it entailed a lot of work to get to that point. This seems like it’s all vague. And it probably is, but it’s something I want to leave here to remind myself. Doing hard things. Doing different things can be good. SO good for the soul. I am feeling inspired to bake and cook and craft with my kiddos and to snuggle up on the couch with a good book after we get our lights up today.  



we were cracking up about the static in the car when hay’s hair was so attracted to the pretzels.  

Another hilarious moment was when we drove home in yucca valley, we past a street called “Kickapoo trail”. That gave a solid 5 minutes of laughter that I don’t think we’ve had in a long time. I want to let loose more, laugh more, live and love more. Cheesy, yes but so much truth. That’s where my heart and mind is at right now. :)