goal setting

Today was good, in a mentally productive way. Processing all my thoughts and writing down obtainable goals. Hashing out with a friend, what I know to be good and not so good for my mental health.

Some of these things being super simple--

  • dig into the word of God
  • prayer journaling
  • be in the moment as much as I can. when it's not a pleasurable moment, know that it will pass.
  • drink water. all the water. I know this is good for my brain and my body and mood in general, but why is it so difficult to regularly do?
  • move my body in ways that feels good. yoga feels good to me. lifting weights feels good. walking outside.
  • get outside. even if it's just to sit and let the sun beat on my face or to feel the breeze.
  • stay off social media. 
  • privately journal every night
  • take 30 minutes of self care every day. read a book. take a shower. light some candles at night and listen to a podcast when everyone is asleep. 
  • last but not least, eat clean. clean for me is closest to paleo as possible. Low sugar and no dairy. Lots of veggies. 
  • get back into photography. find my love for shooting again.