beauty uniform

I've struggled a lot over the past few years with my identity. I know it's in Christ and Christ alone, but when it comes to how I used to dress or do my's completely different from a few years ago. Honestly, a lot of it has come as a transformation with coming to follow Christ. I see what beauty really is. It's not fake and it can't be injected into you. Not that I ever got to that point, but it is definitely the track I was on a few years ago. I shudder when I think about it now. The material things and looks used to mean so much. They used to hold so much weight.

Since having the twins, I feel like I've let myself go. But in reality, I think I've just let my old self go. It's nice to dress up and feel put together, but honestly I am so comfortable in a simple dress and Birkenstocks. Hair up in a top knot or just let it dry naturally curly. I rarely wear make up anymore because I feel like I have a mask on. If I do wear any, it's Arbonne's CC cream or this mineral foundation. If I could go back 6 years, I would tell myself to just love who you are. You are beautiful and young. Invest in people and books. The looks are not all that important after all. And your style will change in a few years to natural, hippy, granola anyways. Hey, you will shave your legs once a month and wash your hair once a week, and you will have a husband that loves you despite it all- actually, he will love you because of it all. 

I came across A Cup of Joe's "My Beauty Uniform" series. I am in awe and so encouraged that I am on a similar path. There is something to just loving your skin. Many of the ladies featured don't wear makeup, or if they do, it's minimal, like underage concealer. If I knew how to apply it without it being so obvious (my face has a lot of red) I would be all over that. The good Lord knows I could lighten the dark circles.  

But for now, my beauty regiment will be drinking plenty of water everyday, eating lots of fruit and veggies and exercise regularly, and getting plenty of beauty sleep when I can get it. I also use moonrise creek's day and night facial lotion along with my Clarisonic and  it has been a game changer.  I will say I recently did a SCOBY face mask with my home-brew Kombucha and it has done wonders with my skin. I can't wait to do it again in a few weeks. 

I also want to be aware of how much emphasis I put into my looks so my girls have a healthy outlook on what beauty looks like. We already talk about how beauty is on the inside. I remember growing up and primping before going to play soccer. I would get sweaty and I wasn't a girly girl either...but I remember so vividly my dad telling me "Come on Bri, this isn't a fashion show!" It makes me smile now. Back then I'm sure I rolled my eyes and thought he was being the most unreasonable dad ever.