title and other things

It's stupid really. I have a really hard time putting this site to public. Or at least even letting anyone know it actually exists. Everything I am reading and other people likeminded as myself, are encouranging me to put it out there. But then I get stuck on dumb hang ups like...what exactly am I wanting this space to be? Who really cares to read about it anyways? Aren't blogs so five years ago? I have like, three blogs that I read. And that's because they are hilarious or oddly entertaining because they have like 7 kids or something. Or a mix of both.

As far as hangups go- my most current one is the title. T I T L E. I have considered putting just that in the little white box. I also thought "hey, just put your name. Boom. Done. But then I question if I want my name to even be on here. Dumb right? Who even cares? NO ONE IS READING THIS." Seriously, if I somehow, someday, I finally publish this site and I don't bother to come back and delete this post and you are in fact reading this, I'm sorry for wasting your time. lolsssss. 

So most recently, my inspirations are coming from reading this and then from reading this blog post (her whole blog is awesome) and then I really enjoy Jodi Mockabee's site (5 kids, not 7) and how she documents certain aspects of her life- homeschool and their adventures. But let's be honest, we don't hike. And reason being is I don't like bugs or large reptile creatures that can kill us. But they are adventurous and I enjoy reading it. So maybe I could like document our days at the park? The awesome blisters my children get from using the monkey bars? Super intriguing to read about. I know. (See my dilemma?)

I'm going down the rabbit hole here...back to what I want this site to be.


Maybe I just document my life as it is right now. For my own satisfaction and collection of my own memories and how I remember these years. We've all heard how quickly it goes by right? So that's where I was going with Mockabee's site. I love how she can look back on their life and adventures and remember how they did the raising kids thing. 

phew. Still with me?

So that's where I'm at right now. Also regretting the coffee I had at 4 pm. probably should go start a load of laundry and pick up the 30 matchbox cars off the floor. toodles.