You know those artists where you peruse their work and you are just ignited on the inside? Like you literally feel your heart burning and shouting "yes. yes. amazing." So much inspiration it makes you physically itch with the desire to create? Create something that can possibly, just maybe- give you the same kind of burn when you look at your own work some day?

A few of the artists that I admire and often study their work and words are listed below.

Sharon Mckeeman

Yan Palmer

Deb Schwedhelm

Summer Murdock

I stumbled across a project that Summer and Deb are doing along with a few other talented people called The Sixty Second Photograph. As of late, I have been captivated by what video can bring that a photograph can't. I have been a bit obsessed with video since coming across some old cell phone videos that I took of my girls when they were little. Their laughs and cries that I swore I would never forget and hold close in my heart forever, brought me to tears. I had forgotten. The sweet voices that didn't quite pronounce words correctly. The belly laughs that came with such ease, because of the lack of processing that happens when trying to figure out if something is actually funny. Such innocence. It was a time that I really had become a blur of the past even though it was just a few short years ago. And I had a little piece of it sitting on my hard drive. What a gift. This will be my next project...exploring video and editing. 

Another inspiration I have been indulging in here and there is the book Show Your Work by Austin Kleon. I'm reading it slowly, but I'm doing it. I'm soaking in every word and I can tell it's going to be read and then reread again, many, many times. If you are a procrastinator and get caught up in all the reasons why you can't create or why you aren't ready to show your it. It's quickly becoming a favorite. I'm launching this site this week all because of this book.